ApplicantForgeApplicantForge is a simple online application software for finding, tracking, and onboarding the best hires.

Hiring employees can be a grueling task, especially in an industry that experiences high turnover. Every step of the process, from posting a job to the final onboarding of new staff, requires many hands and a high attention to detail. Streamlining this process by keeping it online and paper-free saves you time as an employer and ensures the best chance of getting the best future employees.

ApplicantForge is an intuitive, paperless, powerful tool that helps organize and streamline the hiring needs of your business. You can save time by pre-screening employees with customizable assessment questions, stay compliant with integrated screening (background checks, E-Verify, etc.), and prevent office clutter with paperless new hire paperwork.

Stop the hassle of paper products and traditional recruiting. Manage your applicants and new hires efficiently with the ApplicantForge applicant tracking
and onboarding systems.

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Hiring new employees can be a burdensome process requiring many complex steps from job posting to final onboarding. Much of what makes hiring difficult is the in-house coordination that screening, interviewing, and onboarding requires and the clear positive communication that good candidates appreciate. Streamlining this whole process saves your time as an employer and ensures the best chance of getting the best future employees.

ApplicantForge is an intuitive, paperless, powerful tool for organizing and streamlining your hiring needs. You can use it to save time at every step of the hiring process, and you can customize it to precisely match your organizational structure and needs. ApplicantForge can scale for however many locations, position types, onboarding procedure paths, or different documentation requirements you require.

ApplicantForge is organized around four key functionalities:


The home screen view gives a clear progress summary of every hiring process and easy ways to drill down into each applicant’s status and details. You can see:

  • Applicants’ status, assessment scores, and internal interview ratings for prioritization and evaluation
  • Applicants’ interview schedules for internal management, coordination, and planning convenience
  • Your metrics for job postings (# of views, # of responses, etc) for internal budgeting optimization
  • Your hiring workflow of each position type for easy customization and streamlining optimization
  • Your requisition details of each open hiring process for instant editing and easy updating

Requisition Builder:

This view gives you a straightforward tab-based control panel for creating, storing, updating, and publishing job descriptions easily and efficiently. You can keep dozens or hundreds of different job ad templates ready to go for advertising on third-party search forums (monster, indeed, linkedin, etc) or your own private job board. You can:

  • Write job advertisements quickly with section-by-section writing prompts and focused templates
  • Store custom job advertisement templates efficiently and easily manage changes to boilerplate
  • Create custom assessment questions with easily assigned weighting for objective evaluation

Candidate Information:

This view tracks the progress of every applicant, helps you to manage interviews and internal communication on each applicant, and also lets you customize your process to attract the absolute best candidates. You can:

  • Transfer applicants from one requisition to another more suitable opening instantly
  • Store and view uploaded resumes, cover letters, and other applicant submissions and history easily
  • Customize and manage email communication with applicants automatically
  • Assign job candidates to specific hiring staff or other key decisionmakers for coordinating clearly
  • Share candidate ratings and assessment scores for easy collaboration and decisionmaking

New Hire Onboarding:

This functionality enhances your HR productivity by organizing new hire communication, documentation, scheduling, and training paperlessly and transparently. It enables:

  • Coordinating onboarding tasks between different departments and staffing managers
  • Collecting paperless and verified complete I-9, W-4, and other documentation information
  • Background checks and 3rd party assessments
  • Distributing paperless employee and other handbooks effectively and conveniently
  • Creating new hire surveys for internal process evaluation and improvement